With the leadership of the Islamic Institute of America, Al-Hujjah Islamic Seminary was inaugurated in the fall of 2017 with nine courses.The seminary has offered four years of courses, totaling 960 number of classes. Al-Hujjah Seminary is a unique Islamic seminary that offers all of its classes in English, and knowing Arabic is not a requirement to join the seminary. This seminary maintains a high standard of instructors who are fluent in English, have been formally trained in the top Shia seminaries of Qom and Najaf, and most of whom also have an academic background. This provides students an excellent opportunity to combine between eastern, traditional sources of knowledge and western academia.

A Synopsis of Our Courses

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For those interested in becoming scholars and speakers. This seminary combines between traditional seminary courses with a modern, collegiate academic approach.

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For those who do not aspire to become scholars of jurisprudence and continue their higher studies in Najaf or Qom, but they are interested in becoming speakers and representatives of their faith.

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For those who do not aspire to become scholars, speakers or educators, but they simply would like to enrich their Islamic knowledge.

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Starting this school year, the fee for all courses is $50. Those who have financial difficulties paying the course fees may seek a sponsorship to have their course fees covered. We offer sponsorships to anyone who requests them.
For those who aspire to pursue a traditional seminary program and become scholars/speakers, they are recommended to take the courses in the phases we recommend on our courses page. For those who would like to enrich their Islamic knowledge or explore what a seminary program offers, there is no minimum number of classes to take.
Yes. All of our classes are recorded and offered online. Those who are out of state or in other countries can easily follow our classes online and take the exams online.
The minimum age to register for these courses is 16.

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